Interactive Map of the Laboratory

Radiochemistry Laboratory

The 1,635 sq. ft. laboratory includes traditional infrastructure, (benches, fume hoods, distilled water, etc.). The Radiochemistry laboratory is licensed for the safe handling of nuclear materials (including Pu); each member of the Wall research group is monitored for radiation exposure. The laboratory features instrumentation such as an auto-titrator for potentiometric titrations; a spectrophotometer for absorbance and reflectance measurements; inert atmosphere gloveboxes; a fluorescence spectrometer, total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometer; a calorimeter; and traditional pieces of equipment used in chemistry (e.g. ovens, shakers, pH meters, etc.). In addition, the laboratory features a full array of α, β, and γ radioactivity counting equipment, including a liquid scintillation counter, auto-gamma counter, intrinsic germanium gamma spectrometer, silicon surface barrier alpha spectrometers.

Mirion Alpha Analyst ALPHA PIPS Detectors

Mirion STD P-TYPE COAXIAL DETECTOR GC4018 HPGe with LYNX-Digital Signal Analyzer

Beckman LS6500 Liquid Scintillation Counter

Packard 5002 Cobra II Automated Gamma Counter