Radiochemistry Laboratory

The 1,635 sq. ft. laboratory includes traditional infrastructure, (benches, fume hoods, distilled water, etc.). The Radiochemistry laboratory is licensed for the safe handling of nuclear materials; each member of the Wall research group is also monitored for radiation exposure. The laboratory features instrumentation such as an auto-titrator for potentiometric titrations; a spectrophotometer for absorbance and reflectance measurements; inert atmosphere gloveboxes; a fluorescence spectrometer, total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometer; a calorimeter; and traditional pieces of equipment used in chemistry (e.g. ovens, shakers, pH meters, etc.). In addition, the laboratory features a full array of α, β, and γ radioactivity counting equipment, including a liquid scintillation counter, auto-gamma counter, intrinsic germanium gamma spectrometer, silicon surface barrier alpha spectrometers.

Mirion Alpha Analyst ALPHA PIPS Detectors

Mirion STD P-TYPE COAXIAL DETECTOR GC4018 HPGe with LYNX-Digital Signal Analyzer

Beckman LS6500 Liquid Scintillation Counter

Packard 5002 Cobra II Automated Gamma Counter