Current Research

Current Research

Fundamental Radiochemistry

Industry-Supported Cooperative Crab Research: Addressing Data Gaps and Uncertainties to Inform Management Decisions for the Eastern Bering Sea Snow Crab Fishery.  Funded by NOAA.

Nuclear Waste Management

Functionalized clay buffer materials for the long-term sequestration of technetium and iodine. Funded by DOE/NE.

Community Engagement Program for Consent-based siting of a federal consolidated interim storage facility. Funded by DOE/Holtec.

Actinide, Lanthanide, and Fission Product behavior under extreme conditions

Zirconium molybdate interactions. Funded by Savannah River National Laboratory.

Nuclear Forensics

Thermodynamics and kinetics of extraction systems, as part of the Consortium for Nuclear Forensics. Funded by DOE/NNSA